About the Company

Veri5Digital is India’s leading Identity verification and onboarding service provider with a suite of products that includes Video ID KYC, Aadhaar Offline KYC, eSign and eNACH.


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About Company

Veri5Digital is the fastest and most cost effective way to enable Digital India services. Formerly known as AadhaarBridge, we are a software services provider from Khosla Labs, a Khosla Ventures backed company that offers Digital India services (Govt. and Regulated systems) for the private sector. We take the pain away from companies having to comply with and access government systems. Veri5Digital provides products and services in the following areas

KYC – Aadhaar KYC and Video ID
Signature – Aadhaar based eSign
Aadhaar Hosted – Manage AUA/KUA Servers and Aadhaar Vault
Payment – eNACH mandate management

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Businesses constantly need to identity and verify the Identities of their customers, employees, channel partners etc. Ver5Digital provides technologies having the power to achieve universal Identity Verification. In view of the Supreme Court judgement restricting the use of Aadhaar in the private sector, Veri5Digital has built a suite of Identification products that use Video-Selfie and Govt. issued ID (PAN, Passport etc) to offer a KYC service.
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Aadhaar Hosted

The Aadhaar national identity system has enrolled 1.2 billion people in India, and has the power to vastly improve services to citizens as well as reduce the cost of service delivery. Veri5Digital provides hosted Aadhaar services for UIDAI licensed entities (Banks and Telcos), handling end to end integrations with UIDAI and relevant intermediaries including ASA/KSA.
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Signing documents is a very important requirement of various banking, financial and other systems. We offer eSign services that eliminate the need for wet signatures hence speeding up customer on boarding and increasing the velocity of acquisition and transactions.
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India is making rapid strides in smoothening the payment rails in the country through systems such as UPI, AEPS and also the ability for Mandate services to withdraw customer bank accounts for recurring payments such as – loan repayments, insurance premium payments etc. Payment bridge provides enterprise customers eNACH APIs for mandate services and UPI for payment services.

The above backend services are provided by Government agencies like UIDAI or Regulatory and Implementation bodies like NPCI, NSDL etc. Veri5Digital ensures simple easy to use APIs to these Government regulated services in full compliance of the various regulators and competent authority.

We have been pioneering B2B, PAAS and SAAS based solutions enabling Digital India services. We offer solutions ranging from Identification, Verification, Payments, Signatures, India Stack Products and deploy them on cloud and on premise basis customer requirements. We also provide technology solutions that allows organizations for easy integration with their applications without the need of a separate Government license.

Our Solutions have enabled authentication for over 10 million transactions for 250+ businesses across banking, insurance, lending, internet and service based companies, and mutual fund houses. In fact we have helped deploy customer solutions in a matter of days and weeks.

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Current Domains and Focus Areas

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Machine Learning and Data Analytics

New techniques around machine learning and the ability to process large amounts of data provide insights into hard problems and improve decision making at all levels. The application of these techniques helps us solve for document ascertainment, fraud detection, face authentication and presents new opportunities in portals, NoC (Network Operations Centre) dashboards and reports.

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Blockchain principles allow for creation of a universal self-sovereign identity. Veri5 Digital is working on a blockchain ID management solution which will give customers control over their identities and help businesses rely on secure, trusted and digitally available identity tokens and credentials.

Our Team

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Vinod Khosla


Founder - Khosla Ventures , Partner - KPCB, Founder - Sun Microsystems

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Saru Tumuluri

Chief Executive Officer

CEO - Khosla Labs, Ex-Founder - Right Career Move

Img Srikanth e1588748564461

Srikanth Nadhamuni


Chairman - Khosla Labs, Ex-CTO - UIDAI (Aadhaar)