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Veri5Digital is India’s leading Identity verification and onboarding service provider with a suite of products that includes Video ID KYC, Aadhaar Offline KYC, eSign and eNACH.


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Your face is your ID

ID cards are rudimentary, easy to replicate and time-consuming.
Veri5Face is built to replace these for you. Mark attendance, control access or protect your customer’s privacy all by just using face.


How it Works?

Veri5Face comes with an easy to use enroll module, that allows you to onboard your user into your access control system instantly. Once enrolled, a customer can use a combination of their unique User Id and face to login into your system.

Veri5Digital How it works


Veri5Face OnboardingLoginModule

Onboarding and Login Modules

Veri5Face comes with pre-built modules to onboard customers into your face based access control system.  Enrolled user data is stored within your database and is used at the time of login to grant access to your users.

Liveness Check

Veri5Face uses randomized liveness actions to confirm if the user is available live at the time of login and your access control system is not being spoofed with an image or video, protecting you from fraud and unauthorized access.

Veri5Face Liveness
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Platform Agnostic APIs

Use our pre-built SDKs to integrate access control in your app, in less than a week or use our platform APIs with compatibility for web, Android or iOS devices,  in a langauge that you know to build your own UI from scratch.

Best in the Industry Face Match Algorithm

Our face identification and matching algorithm is trained with over 1 billion images from around the world, leading to an accuracy count of over 99.84%, considered to be the best in the industry.

Veri5Face BestinIndustry

Use Cases

Veri5Face SecureSensitiveData

Control Access to Sensitive Data and Assets

Card-based access control systems can be breached, simply by stealing it from an existing user or making a copy of the NFC chip within them. Veri5 Face based access control systems uses liveness checks and your face for login credentials, which are both tamper proof and difficult to copy.

Verify User Identity

Identify and verify the identity of your users before you onboard them into your systems. Match the live picture of the user with that of their government-issued identity cards to ensure safety and mitigate risks.

Veri5face VerifiedUser
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Onboard Customer Faster

Manual customer onboarding can be a lengthy, iterative and error-prone process. Automate verification using Veri5KYC and authenticate using Veri5 Face, speeding up onboarding by more than 40%

Track Performance and Mark Attendance

Veri5Face is built to replace your ID cards and swipe machines. Let your employees mark attendance or control logins of your users, with a geo-fenced selfie and photo match.

Veri5face SmartLocation

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